EY2P Update Covid-19 : Training & Consultancy

Jenny Hersey is a specialist in Primary Maths and AFL. As a Maths Subject Leader she managed and led her school through two successful Ofsteds and became a Lead Maths Teacher for Southwark Council.

In her previous post as a consultant for Manchester City Council she worked closely with Maths Subject Leaders to improve attainment, as well as deliver bespoke training to schools. In 2009 she led the city wide Maths APP Champions network.

She is an advocate of Assessment for Learning and has worked with a number of Primary schools on developing principles, systems and training. Jenny works with subject leaders to become more confident in the leadership and management of the learning and teaching in mathematics in order to help raise attainment and improve pupil progress.

Jenny has successfully run the Maths Subject Leader Network Meetings with EY2P since 2011.