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Transition Consultancy Support

These menus provide examples of what can be offered to schools. All consultancy support programmes will be developed to ensure that your school priorities are addressed.  Consultancy may include different combinations from each of the menus provided. Transition consultancy can support: leadership and management, EYFS and KS1 leaders, EYFS and KS1 teams, staff new to the EYFS/KS1 or NQTs. If there is something that is not on the menu, which you need in your school, please contact us and we will try to help you.

To view the individual menus, click on a title to expand it out. You can click it again to contract it back.

Transition into Nursery and Reception

  • Auditing current transition procedures – home into setting, setting into school and internally
  • Developing partnership working across settings and schools
  • Enhancing the role of the key person
  • Developing and enhancing transition procedures – including gradual admissions
  • Maximising the use of parental engagement to support transition and attainment

EYFS to KS1 transition

  • Auditing current transition procedures
  • Data analysis to ensure uninterrupted progress – using EYFS profile data and tracking systems
  • Developing stage appropriate teaching and learning in Y1 – building on EYFS, curriculum support, organisation and management support
  • Enhancing the Y1 learning environment
  • Maximising the use of parental engagement to support transition and attainment

Consultancy Rates

Please contact us to find out more details about our consultancy rates.